About Canarsie Community Development Incorporated (CCDI)

In October 2012, the Canarsie community was devastated by Super Storm Sandy. The community was neither prepared nor organized to respond to this disaster.  In March 2014 through the NY Rising Program, Canarsie was awarded $11.9M by the NYS Rising Committee for recovery projects.  A committee comprised of community leaders was formed to propose projects for the recovery of Canarsie. This committee proposed projects totaling $18.8M dollars of which $12M dollars were funded.

Canarsie Community Development Incorporated (CCDI) was formed by five members of that NY Rising committee to give a voice to the residents of Canarsie, and to help them prepare for any future disasters. Two of the goals of CCDI are, with the involvement and participation of community residents, to monitor the NY Rising projects that were funded through to completion; and to raise the additional $7M for the other projects, through government and private funding.

Our Mission:

The mission of Canarsie Community Development Incorporated (CCDI) is;

  • to help develop, strengthen and galvanize block, resident and tenant associations in Canarsie;
  • to unify block, resident and tenant associations under an umbrella organization, thus establishing a unified voice when working with elected officials, state and municipal agencies in addressing the issues of concern in Canarsie;
  • to financially and administratively promote and support community development programs including disaster relief; and
  • to develop programs that engage the youth in Canarsie

Success Stories

Billion Oyster Project

  • July, 2017 – CCDI worked with the Billion Oyster Project and the CEC for District 18 to bring the project to schools in Canarsie. At present there are programs in five schools in Canarsie.
  • May, 2018 – CCDI was participated in the Canarsie Reef Installation ceremony at the Sebago Canoe Club, at 1400 Paedergat Avenue North. Half of a million oysters were installed in six cabinets in the basin to clean the surrounding waters. 


Billion Oyster Project
Community Garden 9299

Annual Community Garden Plant Giveaway

  • 2018 – 2020 – CCDI sponsored a plant giveaway at the Community Garden 9299 Schenk Ave in Canarsie.

Board of Directors

  • Harold Jones, President (Former Power Engineer with General Electric Co.)
  • Lucina Clarke, Director (Executive Director of MyTime Inc.)
  • Debbie Fook, Director (Canarsie Strong Civic Association)
  • Rabbi Serebryanski, Director and CFO
  • Joy Riley, Director (former President of Canarsie Chamber of Commerce)
  • Lavern Whyte Director (Social Worker)
  • Kent Picou Director (Retired Principal)